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We use Air-Rifles and Air-Pistols with .177 Cal or 4.5 MM ammunition (Pellets) and shoot at a distance of 10 Meters. 

Do you require a license to shoot?

Target is placed at a distance of 10 Meters. This is an International standard sport with over 145 countries participating in it and is also part of Olympics. Don't judge the sport by distance you have to shoot, when the target for rifle shooting is  just 0.5 MM

No, the weapons we use are Air-Rifles and Pistols of .177 Cal, which are exempted from licensing under Arms Act, 2016.

Can I shoot for India at Olympics?



Definitely, the only thing that's stopping you is your absence till date and dedicated practice.

No bar on age or gender. Shooting is a sport where age is not considered, but those above 10 years can participate in shooting competitions. Therefore, training can start at about 8 Years of Age, with no upper limit.

What is the distance at which the target is placed?

What kind of guns and ammunition do you use?

Who can participate in competitions and Is there an Age Limit?

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